How to Hypnotize a Woman Using the Doorways to Her Unconscious Mind and Imbedded Commands

People can want to learn and use the incredibly powerful techniques of hypnotic seduction, perhaps thinking that it is all very complicated and requires a degree in Psych to understand and deliver.

What if I were to tell you that most all hypnotic inductions and successful hypnotic seductions use a few standard tricks?

The tricks are to induce a mild trance, enter her subconscious mind through one of the four doorways, and give some imbedded commands that are post-hypnotic suggestions for her to believe and behave the way you want.

Now, you don't need to know a thing about hypno tricks to use my Hypnotic Poems to seduce women of all ages and backgrounds. You may find yourself interested.

I made this video so you could understand which of the tricks each of my hypno poems is using, and how to use "The Seducer's Guide to Hypnopoetics..." to get what you want from women.

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