Relationship Tips - How To Seduce Women Using "Eye Contact Attraction"

A lot of men happen to overestimate the actual effect that a man's body language has on the opposite sex. Trust me when I say it took me a thousand tries to break through those barriers they have, but I have now figured out the ultimate secret in breaking through those walls. And you know what? Everything we do to lure women in all really has to do with our eyes.


Once you have locked them in with your smoldering gaze, your success rate will skyrocket whenever it comes to women. Here are several secrets that I would love to share with the rest of the male population out there. Keep reading to find out how you can take your current success rate and multiply it by then with the irresistible opposite sex - and all you'll need is your eyes.

How To Seduce Women Using "Eye Contact Attraction"

Tactic #1. "The Triple Charger"

The stunning effectiveness of this particular technique would definitely be worth mastering. The first thing you have to do is look into one of her eyes (preferably the left one) for a few seconds. After that, move your eyes towards her lower lips for a few seconds and look right back into her other eye (in this case, the right one). No matter what you are currently conversing about with your choice of woman, it will gain a high amount of sexual energy once you have charged her up this way.

Tactic #2. "The Middle Point"

Now, whenever you speak to a woman, you don't want your eyes to seem unfocused by darting back and forth between one of her eyes and the other. To prevent this from happening and keeping a healthy and attractive way of eye contact, focus on the point between both of her eyes. By doing this, you will hold a comfortable gaze, as well as an air of confidence, that she is sure to love.

If you are to use the "Eye Contact Attraction" method above with hypnosis techniques - your success with women is virtually guaranteed. Using a particular hypnotic seduction technique called fractionation, master seducers have been known to be able to make women want to sleep with them in 15 minutes - or even less. It is a very powerful technique, but if misused it can be downright dangerous.