Attract Beautiful Girls With Seduction Stories - Master Seduction With Powerful Stories

Telling a girl seduction stories is a great method to attract her. In fact, I would argue it is one of the most powerful techniques when it comes to attracting girls. It is an effective way to turn them on and get them in the right mood.

In order to be successful in this seduction technique, it is essential that you already have built a bit of chemistry and comfort with her. This isn't something you would do when you first approach a girl. This is something that you do at a later stage, after the initial approach, the flirtation and the exchange of phone numbers. The best time to employ this method is probably during the first or second date with her.

Let us say you are now on a date with her. I would start of by asking her to tell you a story about the a time she when she was seduced. Tell her she should share with you her favourite seductions stories. Ask her to give as much detail as possible and be descriptive. A good way to get her in the right mind set, is to ask her to think of it as a film and that she is rewinding the film and playing it. She should make sure every scene is enlarged. This will encourage her to get more into it.

As she is telling the story look at her straight in the eyes. Smile from time and time and seem interested in what she has to say. At one point ask her to close her eyes as she is telling the story. As she closes her eyes, hold her hand for a few minutes and pull back. Some men have no idea how powerful this technique is, it works like magic.

Encourage her to tell a few stories. As she finishes her story, you should then share your own story with her. If you don't have one, make up one. There are plenty of places you can go on-line to come up with a great story to share with her.

The final part of this technique is key. In order for the seduction stories to get her attracted to you, you should incorporate yourself into the stories. When she is telling you a story, tell her to imagine the guy in the story is right in front of her, which of course is you! When you are telling your story, include her in the story. Say she looks just like the girl you are talking about it. What will happen here is she will link you to her seductive moments.

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