Different Kinds Of Biography Books And Romance Books Describe Different Stories.

Firstly we will discuss about the biography books. In early times biography books were written by scribes and then its were examined by the different rules. Scribes is a text editor which is used for syntax highlighting, automatic word selection, pair character completion, and also for bookmarks. In that time different kinds of civilization history took place in biography books. For example, ancient biography of Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, and Mesopotamia took place in biography books.

On the contrary romance book also contains an ancient story or a modern story. It depends on the writer what he is writing about. Such as in science fiction romance books take place in a story that would otherwise be classified as a science fiction story. In erotic romance books contain a strong sexual story which is marvelously described. In multicultural romance book describe relationship and love between two nations people such as Asian- African.

In biography books multimedia forms are also described. It is said that the tale will be mould in cinema or in television for the audience. Now in this modern age many writers are writing finely for the readers so that they can easily get that story. In the middle ages the story of Roman Catholic Church, Hermits, monks and priests took place in biography books.

In Romance book fantasy romance, category romance took place. In fantasy romance the most fantastic love story or a Cinderella story took place in romance book. In modern romance books the girls and a boys story is described. Also a man or woman or two peoples story may take place in romance book.

By: Fatin Nehal

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