Passion - Mode Of Cosmic Therapy, Sexual Healing Through Art

Words are magical mechanisms of artistic pursuit. Each time we speak, we are painting a picture, imbuing an indestructible spirit and evoking an unforgettable emotion. Take the word,passion for instance, a seven letter double 'S' word, embodies the natural instinctive 'fire in the belly' momentum of every individual who has ever experienced the vibratory inspiration. Passion gyrates, pulsates, and vibrates. What color do you see when you hear the word:Passion? Why, red, of course. {Intense sexual stirrings} Robust pleasure!

Without Passion, we would all be no more than colorless lifeless cardboard! I love the word,Passion I like the way it looks, feels, sounds, tastes, along with the illicitly erotic sexually imbued images it invokes. If the two S's {slipping and sliding in the middle} are any indication of the double attracting power locked within the word, I suspect I know the reason why human beings are summoned and driven by such undeniable unrelenting magnetic irresistible forces without being able to comprehend its majestic source, much less control its voracious vitality. This untapped undeniable latent bewitching strength is nothing other than creative energy. A gigantic undisturbed silent reservoir of abdicated hypnotic, spell-binding sacred sexual energy lies repressed (hidden) in you waiting to be used at your discretion. It remains locked away just waiting to be discovered, unearthed, excavated, unleashed and utilized. Because it lies veiled and dormant, you are unmistakably frustrated. Passion spirals naturally in, up and out. When repressed, it churns into nausea.

Although you may think you are in touch with the natural instinctive sexual force that resides within, I beg to differ. You are and have been merely tapping the surface. {Scratching on the window pane} A boiling bubbling explosive volcanic eruption in artistic creative libido lies at the base of your frustration and unrest. Much more unfulfilled, unrefined, savagely induced art impetus lies buried than you are currently aware of. Under the iceberg of discontent, passion moves in undulating waves of subtle unresolved pleasure. This undeniable chaotic sensation can only be experienced, not explained. No explanation will do it justice. You know the feeling of longing and yearning for that which can not be seen or expressed with the five senses.

Passionstands alone dismantling all inferior motivations.

Sometimes, on the most bizarre of occasions, and in the rarest of circumstances, it begins to move without your approval, knowledge or consent. Whoa! {Be those surprising situations} To minutely understand and appreciate the cyclonic starting point of this momentous artistic force can only be explained by returning to our primal roots. We are inherently instinctive mobile savages by nature. In the deepest part of our instinctual natures, we are not refined. We are powerful sexual beings who are electrified lighted magnets. Our personal level of passion depends upon just how much we repress the natural inclination to create in our lives. In other words, how natural and convenient we are to ourselves and others, leaving out all superficial actions. You, me, all are authentic by design! The way in which you choose to express this exquisite authenticity is totally up to you.

The sheer amount of power {motivated sensuality} locked within the word Passion I dare not say. But whether you call it art, music, drama, the written word, the energy derives its sacred basis from sacred sexual energy. And, I would say that's an undoubtedly irresistible force of unequaled unparalleled sizzling sensation that few of us can do without. What does Passion mean to you? Without a moment's hesitation, you immediately thought of the most thrilling sexual experience you ever encountered. No doubt. Sex is an exclusively erotically created subjective form of God's celestial force operating in us. Sacred Passion imbued with artistic flavor, musical tones, dramatic interludes and spoken ecstasies. Which by the way, is the inexplicable reason why Passion means so many things to so many people. Passionis a decidedly regulated enjoyable practice we all undertake at one time or another by an act of will. Enthusiasm is generated by sexual Passion!

We realize without the statement, thereof, that the act of lovemaking is the ultimate creative act of divinity. When engaged in lovemaking, one is seeking the sublime ineffable source. The creation, application, presentation, revelation, and preservation of Passion are the starved elements of a lost art to be rekindled. The study of passion belongs to all mankind making himself the subject of observation. . Passion makes your heart throb and your bottom bob! It is the essence of talent, ability, potential and inborn gifts of sacred decreed measure. Countless wars have been lost and won based upon the ardent pursuit of passion.

Sexual instinct substantiates passion. No one person possesses a monopoly of talent for or the lack of ability to generate it. Everyone is a sexually imbued passionately motivated inspired creative artist in his own right. You possess a distinctive 'feature' that makes you who you are because of the Passion you alone possess. No one else can do what you can do in the exact same way you do it. You have things to do. Great things. It will take all of your self-generating sexually ignited Passion that you possess to fulfill those desires.

The vital importance of your artistic contribution to mankind can not be overstated. You have a supreme gift which should be redeemed, recognized and recorded for its own sake. You are currently residing on Earth, not by accident, but for a specifically designated divine disguised purpose. That unique purpose, hidden in you, along with your sensually evoked energetic presence will not go unnoticed. Your life's story will be told and demonstrated through immense artistic contribution. You represent immeasurable value and laudable merit in the Cosmic divine scheme of things. It's all a matter of coming to that place where we all can appreciate the sacred messages hidden behind and beyond the unlikely artistic representations. Cosmic in nature, the therapeutic niche, where assumptions are forfeited and predilections are unheard of. Preferences must be discarded for the sake of the indisputable truth of the divine essence to be released freely. To set free the soul's captive to follow and embrace the unfettered united course of your chosen destiny is why you are artistically passionately endowed.

Encased in a temporary form (flesh) for all to behold and interact, passion vibrates at levels that bring immeasurable pleasure. Bottom line: It is you telling the part of your Passion's story through your individual creations. The healing art of your own personal Cosmic Therapy is discovered in your sacred individual version of passion. Your selectively conceived vision, no matter how poorly constructed or elaborately devised, is but a whiff of the exhilarating aroma that points to something spectacular in motion. Through each man's Passion , we are allowed the opportunity to expand our horizons. From beginning to end, we are privy to the see into and through the eyes of the rare experiences of the multitudes of unnamed and unnumbered artists.

By using the principles offered through our own self-motivated Passion, we may come to really appreciate, value, and honor the stroke of our own and the other's exclusive mark. We join with the divine to create what we will. Our rigid minds are encouraged to extract, diminish, and explode the outdated molds of habit and status, breaking down the prejudiced and selective barriers we maintain. We become fully present when we stop to contemplate the suppleness of each man's divine purpose demonstrated in his artistic work. If we would but stop long enough to acknowledge divinity's presence in the ordinary things, we would open ourselves to receive and participate in a life filled to overflowing zealous and unending enthusiasm. An emblematic artistic merging occurs as the onlooker is allowed to ingest the vision of grandeur so wittily covered up. A unified process of celestial osmosis occurs blending the effervescent stream of artistic delight. A reassuring feeling of comprehension takes hold as we, the viewer, along with the other artists embrace the interconnectivity revealed in all things.

We stand in humble appreciation as we are reverently permitted to blend with all of creation in the cohesive whole, while gazing into another's work, instead of breaking them into fragmented biased pieces. We are allowed to declare and celebrate the realization that the artistic work of the man in prison or the homeless man on the street or the crack addict, etc. is endowed with the same sacred magnificence. There are no distinctions, nor sexual preferences.

The truest reflection of what mankind is attracted to if found in where his personal energy flows.. He/she displays it in panoramic views that interest him the most. Artistic creation manifests as the result of an unquenchable thirst to answer a deeply held mystery of some sort. It could be as simple as why a marriage ended or what to do with a jealousy issue you've not been able to resolve. In our mundane artistic daily walks, we are learning how to get over greed, resentment, guilt, bitterness, remorse and a million other human traits. We use our art to expose and release these things in us! Sacred Sexuality will not be deterred. If one chooses to release and engage in his/her sacred passion, he/she is voluntarily acknowledging that he wants the inner vault of truth to be retrieved and the contents exposed no matter what! Be passionate and create what you desire. Heal yourself.


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