A Shocking Call from “The Mistress”

For those of you who are very much getting into the Fem Domme hypnosis thing - let this be a warning !

I am the author of a book of erotic hypnosis for hypnotic seduction, so I get a lot of interesting calls and emails.

But one day I received a call that was pretty far out there, even for me.

From out of the blue, I got a call from a Dominatrix.

Let me assure you, this doesn't happen everyday. And what she had to say was truly shocking.

I really did not know much about the Fem Dom hypnosis. I am definitely a straight (and open-minded) male. So the world she introduced me to was new and  sort of fascinating.

I will not mention the Mistress’s name, a lot of you might know her.

She was calling to discuss sales and marketing.

She has been in the business of selling erotic hypnosis for men for a long time.

How long? If people knew how old she really is, she might lose a lot of customers.

turns out, she was looking for ideas to sell more of her hypnosis mp3s.

As we talked, it became apparent that she was upset about what was happening with a number of other “Mistresses” out there who were also selling Femdom erotic hypnosis downloads and phone sex.

She told me that some of these women were making a LOT of money. And they were doing it by using unethical and unscrupulous tactics on their customers.

Here is How They Work~ Do It}:

The Hypnotic Mistress would give hypnotic suggestions and commands during the hypnosis.

These women were giving imbedded and overt commands that were not in the best interest of the people who were being hypnotized.

She would not provide any specifics, or any names of who might be doing this.

<H2> Fem Domme Hypnosis</H2>

There are a large number of websites where you can buy erotic hypnosis audio, erotic hypnosis clips, and erotic hypnosis downloads. 

Many of these sites also offer phone sex. Phone sex  is very popular appeals to many people.

The sexy voice of the person on the other end of phone line, if they are good, can really to get and keep your attention.

Some of these sites sell products erotic hypnosis domination, or Femdom Erotic Hypnosis. The audience for the Hypnotic Mistress is mostly young men.

The Dominatrix tells you stories involving female sexual domination by a strong, commanding, sexy woman.

You may be thinking that is no different from female domination in BDSM erotic stories, fantasies and phone sex.

You would be wrong.

Difference between Erotic Stories and Fem Domme Erotic Hypnosis:

The difference between everyday erotic stories  and erotic hypnosis is that erotic hypnosis uses a lot of hypnotic language patterns and other hypnotic techniques to trance you out and get you off.

BDSM erotic stories and fantasies are and entertaining for many. You can find all levels of intensity – some seem to most people.

As they say in Louisiana, “whatever boils your crawfish”.

The stories and fantasies of the typical Mistress are just erotic stories. They should not involve hypnosis or trance.

These erotic stories may be intense and expose you to an alternative lifestyle that you may or may not choose to follow. They are a form of entertainment. They are not a form of mind control.

Fem Dom Erotic Hypnosis Inductions are in fact a form of “Mind Control”.

Fem Dom Erotic Hypnosis stories are really hypnotic inductions that are designed to put the listener into a hypnotic trance.

The hypnotic trance can be done in either an honest up-front way, or done in a covert or sneaky way – depending on the intention of the erotic hypnotist.

While you are in the hypnotic trance, the Hypno Domme will lead you through hypno fantasies of being sexually dominated by a strong, commanding, sexy woman.

You are very susceptible to suggestions when you are in a hypnotic trance. When you are in a hypnotic trance, you become highly suggestible.

Erotic hypnotists can  use hypno tricks to change beliefs, attitudes, and opinions.

Why is this Dangerous:?

Think about it for a moment.

You have just given a complete stranger to program your mind, your attitudes, your thoughts and behavior.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hypnotists cannot make you do anything that you do not want to do, but they can change your mind about what you want to do.

Protect Yourself from Manipulation!

Make sure the erotic hypnotist is ethical and will only plant post-hypnotic suggestions that are in YOUR best interest.

Here are some ways to do that:

Erotic Hypnosis for Hypnotic Seduction

There is another kind of Erotic Hypnosis that may interest you: "Hypnotic Seduction".

Hypnotic seduction is mostly used by men to hypnotize and seduce women.


I wrote "Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" especially for men who find themselves interested in a safe and easy way to use erotic hypnosis for hypnotic seduction.

Take Care,



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